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There are many types of handles used on aluminium, PVC and timber framed windows. Ambassador Window Repairs carry an extensive range of handles to suit modern windows and older windows dating from the 80's and 90's.

The two most common handle types are the Cockspur handle and the Espagnolette handle or Espag handle for short.

Cockspur handles are usually found on aluminium windows and on some older PVC-u windows. They are a very simple handle and can be locking or non-locking. These handles often become loose over time or can break away from the window completely, leaving your window unsecured and vulnerable to intruders. Cockspur handles are usually held in place on the window with rivets. As the rivets are often close to the glass, replacing these handles is always a job for a professional. All our service vans carry a selection of Cockspur handles and we can usually replace yours in one visit.

The second type of handle is the Espagnolette handle or Espag handle for short. This is usually found on PVC windows but is increasingly to be seen on modern timber and Alu-clad windows. Espag handles don't hold the window closed themselves, they work in conjunction with an Espag lock. The Espag Lock is concealed within the window frame and the spindle on the Espag handle connects the two. Sometimes the spindle can become detached from the Espag handle. When this happens the handle may move but the window may not open or, if it is open, may not close. Because this is not an obvious fault it often goes unnoticed for a period of time, sometimes only discovered when a window opens despite the handle being in the closed position. Replacing an Espag handle is more straightforward than replacing a cockspur handle as they are held in position using screws. Espag handles come in a range of sizes and colours. Ambassador Window Repairs carry every size of Espag handle in stock all of the time and so we can replace your faulty handle in one visit.

Other window handles include the casement window handle for timber windows and the modern Spade handles for commercial aluminium windows. We stock Basta casement window handles in both locking and non-locking. We also have a number of different Spade handles to suit various profiles including Reynars, Architectural Aluminium and Baco.