Locksmith Service - Ambassador Windows

Ambassador Window Repairs are experts in Emergency Lockout Response. If you are unfortunate enough to get locked out of your own home, you can contact Ambassador Window Repairs and we will have you inside in no time.

We have expert locksmith knowledge in non-destructive methods to gain entry to premises. We can open most of the door locks found on Irish doors and our glazing background offers an alternative means of entry should the door locks keep us out. Where keys are lost we can open the door, replace the locking cylinder and give you 3 new keys all in one quick visit.

Ambassador Window Repairs supply and install all manner and makes of locks to meet your security and insurance needs.

Most Irish front and back doors have a Multi-Point Locking System. Most will operate using a simple roller system, shootbolts or a more sophisticated hook lock incorporating a combination of all of these. If these become misaligned with their receivers the amount of force needed to lift the handle increases. This extra force damages the handles and the locks resulting in their eventual failure. If caught before major damage is done, we can re-align the door and avoid a costly replacement lock. If the damage is too great we can replace the worn out door handles and multipoint lock with a new lock to suit your door.

Single Point Locks are mainly found on older aluminium doors. These can be very difficult to source nowadays but we still have some in stock. These locks tended to be very simple in their design and so were a very robust lock. While the key cylinder may have been changed, many of these locks are original and date from the 1970's. Some timber doors use single point locks. These tend to be still widely available.

The Night Latch lock is very common although you might not recognise the name. They are often called Yale locks or Hall Door Locks. This again is a simple and long lasting lock but it does not offer great security and so should, where possible, be used in conjunction with a five lever mortice lock.

A Mortice Lock is a lock that is set into the frame of the door unlike the night latch above which sits on the surface of the door. When we think of mortice locks many people will immediately think of Chubb locks. These 5 lever locks are an excellent security lock. They are most common on wooden doors but are occasionally used on aluminium doors.

Associated products:

  • Multipoint locking system
  • 5 lever Mortice Lock
  • Night latch or Yale type Lock
  • Locking cylinder
  • High security Anti-snap locking cylinder