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PVC windows are used everywhere. They are naturally warm, they aren't affected by the weather and if maintained they will last for decades needing only occasional cleaning, a little oil and the odd replacement part.

The great thing about PVC windows is the ease with which they can be maintained and repaired. The frames will last forever and if the windows are looked after, the parts will last 20 years or longer before giving any trouble. The truth, however, is that most of us do not maintain our windows. We don't clean the bits that can't be seen. When we wash the windows they are usually closed, so we never remove the grime that builds up around the hinges and locks. Most people have never put so much as a drop of oil on their window hinges or locks. From our 20 years in this business I can tell you that only 1 in 20 people maintain their PVC windows. That is only 5% of people. It is no wonder then that parts wear out and break.

The most common problems that arise with PVC windows are as follows:

  1. Draughts / Drafts
  2. Windows won't close properly
  3. Handle has broken off
  4. Lock is not working
  5. Double glazing has misted up

The first 4 of the above problems are connected to each other and poor maintenance more than doubles the likelihood of these problems arising.

Whether you spell it as draught or draft, the simple fact is that almost all draughts coming through windows are caused by faulty window hinges. If the window hinges are not oiled regularly they will become stiff. The extra wear and tear on the hinges leads to a small or sometimes not so small gap that allows air to pass through the window. Once this has happened, the hinges must be replaced. Faulty window hinges are responsible for the window not closing properly and for the draughts blowing into your home. New hinges will ensure that the PVC window closes tightly thus eliminating draughts and excess noise.

If the hinges on you PVC window are very stiff it won't be long before the handle breaks off. The extra force required to open and shut the window will quickly damage the window handle. As the window handle is not screwed to the window frame, but instead is screwed directly to the window lock, it is also common for the lock to break or be badly damaged as a result of worn or stiff hinges.

Fogged-up double glazing is something that you the homeowner are not the cause of. Quality double glazing will last decades in PVC windows if installed correctly. If it doesn't last for 20 years it is because it was badly made or badly fitted. See Double Glazing link here.

As Ambassador Window Repairs are specialists in the repair and maintenance of UPVC windows you can trust us to have the right parts for your windows and to carry out the work in a professional manner. We have replacement handles, locks and hinges that are better quality than the original parts fitted to the windows when they were made. In this way we can breathe new life into old windows, saving you money in the process.

Associated parts:

  • Counterbalanced friction hinges
  • Egress Friction hinges
  • Window Restrictors
  • Child safety restrictor
  • Window locking mechanism, Espagnolette locks, Espag locks
  • Window handles
  • Security locks for windows
  • Double glazing