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A door closer is a mechanical device used on doors to ensure that the door is closed after being opened. There are three main types of door closer and there is an array of brands. We install Dorma, Briton, Geze, Axim, Ryobi, Adams Rite and more.

Common Overhead Door Closer

The door closer that you will have seen most often is the overhead door closer. This door closer is fitted to the top of the door and is clearly visible. These door closers are usually on internal doors, fire doors and rebated external doors.

Transom Overhead Door Closer

This door closer is most commonly found on aluminium doors. More specifically, on commercial aluminium doors. The Dorma RTS 85 is the stalwart in this area. Concealed in the door frame, this powerful spring will pull the door closed tens of thousands of times over its lifetime.

Floor Door Closer

If you've ever noticed a silver metal plate on the floor beside a door you were likely looking at a door closer concealed in the floor. These work exactly like the Transom overhead door closer but are used on a wider variety of doors.

These are the three main types of door closer and represent more than 90% of the market. Regardless of which door closer is to be used on a door there are some other very important considerations that the installer must be aware of:

  • The strength of the door closer must match the weight and size of the door.
  • Is the door a fire door?
  • Do you want the closer to hold the door open or always close it automatically?
  • How much use will the door receive?

Common Door Closer problems

Faulty door closers are a common problem. The oil that is inside door closers can thin or leak out over time. Once the oil is gone, the door will swing closed at a very fast speed. This might not seem like a major problem but it can lead to serious injury through people being struck by the door, fingers being caught by the door and through glass shattering when the door comes to a sudden stop against the frame.

Another common problem is caused through general wear and tear. The link between the door closer and the door can become worn and cause an excessive amount of play in the door. This can mean that when the door closer has finished pushing the door closed, the door itself might be still slightly ajar. This causes unnecessary draughts and will prevent the look from engaging, which compromises building security.

Door closers are available in range of designs & finishes to compliment any setting. Ambassador Window Repairs can help you choose the correct door closer for your door.

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