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Almost all PVC windows and most new timber or Alu-Clad windows are secured by an Espagnolette locking system. This lock is fitted inside the window frame and cannot be seen when the window is closed. They have at least two locking points. Because these window locks use complicated moving metal parts it is important that they are oiled a couple of times per year. This will ensure smooth operation and a long life for the window lock.

When an Espag lock is broken, the window may appear to be locked securely but actually may not be! The window handle will usually move in the normal way but you will find that the internal lock is not responding. Alternatively, the window may be locked securely but it is impossible to open. Either way the broken lock needs to be replaced.

We carry an extensive range of Espagnolette window locks with over seventy different makes, models and sizes. This means that we can replace your lock in one visit. If your window is difficult to open or close the extra force on the window handle can damage the window lock. Faulty or damaged hinges can lead to the window lock breaking in a relatively short time so it is important to oil your hinges and replace them if necessary.

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