Window Security - Ambassador Windows

Many people believe that because they have a modern double glazed window that it is burglar proof. This is unfortunately not the case. I believe it is impossible to make a window 100% burglar proof, but there are ways to make their job more difficult. Security improvements can be made easily using simple inexpensive locks or, for areas where security is very important, more elaborate locks and glass can be employed.

Security devices

Window security of the average home can be upgraded using simple sash jamming devices that are easily fitted without any mess. One device per opening may be sufficient while larger openings may need two. These work in addition to your existing locking system to giving additional peace of mind. The devices used to enhance window security vary depending on your window type, but Ambassador Windows have security locks to suit timber, aluminium and PVC windows. If you drop us an email and tell us how many windows you have and what type they are we can give you an accurate quotation.

Laminated Safety Glass

Window security can also be enhanced through the use of laminated safety glass. This looks like regular glass but has a layer of plastic inside the glass that keeps the glass together in the event of breakage of the glass. The display window of most shops will be made with laminated glass to prevent "Smash & Grab" type thefts. Ambassador Window Repairs regularly use laminated safety glass in the manufacture of double glazing for doors where the use of safety glass is actually required by law. But where ordinary double glazing has been broken by a burglar or is seen as a possible vulnerable point in your home or office, we strongly recommend its use. Laminated safety glass is a very effective way to increase window security. The cost can be as little as 15% more than using ordinary glass.

Child safety locks

Although child safety locks or child safety restrictors are primarily designed to keep children safely inside the home, they can be effective as a means of improving window security too. These locks/restrictors can allow you to have your window slightly ajar but prevent the window from being opened fully. This would allow you to enjoy fresh air in summer without the risk of someone outside taking advantage of the open window.

Window security conclusions

So, whether your windows are made from wood, PVC or aluminium it is possible to add additional security locks or glass to them. There is a variety of security locks to suit different windows. Most are designed to make it more difficult to force open the window when it is closed. These are almost always surface mounted, so you will see them. While this may not be pleasing to the eye, they do act as a visual deterrent and some are quite small and neat. The first step to improving window security is to make sure that the existing window lock is working correctly. If the window locking system is worn, misaligned or loose it should be repairs before any additional security is considered. If you have any questions please phone or email. We are here to help.