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Whether it is a shop, office or a School, if it is a high traffic area then it is or should be a commercial door. Commercial doors are designed to be used thousands of times per year. They are robust and the mechanical parts such as hinges, pivots, floor springs and overhead closers are all designed to meet the tough demands of constant use. Ambassador Window Repairs service all types of commercial doors including the ubiquitous aluminium commercial door or the more modern frameless glass commercial door. Common problems such as misalignment, difficulty in operating locks and faulty or leaking overhead door closers can all be repaired so your door can give many more years of service. These problems are often overlooked or ignored but did you know???

  • Misaligned doors can rub against the ground or collide with opposing doors or the door frame. This causes damage to the floor coverings and the door itself. It may also lead to the door not closing fully and prevent the lock from engaging, which can compromise the security of a building. If the door is a frameless glass door then any rubbing against the ground or against the frame should be addressed immediately as it can cause the toughened safety glass to explode unexpectedly.
  • Faulty door closers are a particular problem. The oil that is inside door closers can thin or leak out over time. Once the oil level is reduced the door can swing uncontrollably fast. This might not seem like a huge problem but it can lead to serious injury through people being struck by the door, fingers being caught by the door and through glass shattering when the door comes to a sudden stop against the frame. Like the misaligned door, poor contact between the door closer and the door can leave the door slightly ajar, which causes unnecessary draughts and compromises building security.

Most problems with aluminium or frameless commercial doors are easily solved and prolong the life of the door. If you consider that the door may be 15 or 20 years old before you have to spend any money on it, and that it might be another 15 or 20 years before you need to spend money again, then it really is a value for money repair.

Associated products:

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  • Dorma RTS 85
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